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Holiday in Buje

Sun holidays in Buje

The town of Buje is located in the north-western part of Istria and is about 5.5 hours away by car from the German city of Munich. Buje is known as the “Sentinel of Istria” because of its hilltop location 10 km inland from the Adriatic Sea. Because the town is situated on a hill, you have a beautiful view of the olive trees and vineyards that the region is famous for. It is perhaps not a city that you immediately recognise as a tourist attraction, but it is certainly worth a visit! From the city, you can drive by car through picturesque roads through the amazing landscape towards the sea and the beach. You can also explore the area very well by means of the beautifully constructed walking – and cycling paths.

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What to do in Buje?

The first thing that is an absolute must when arriving in Buje is to visit a wine cellar. There are many different types of wine producers to choose from. Apart from the wine tasting in a wine cellar, spending some time outside the city on a vineyard is definitely worth it! The locals are full of interesting stories to do with the region. For example, you can learn more about the different types of grapes and the details of why wine production has become so popular in this region.

Not a wine lover? No problem, the town of Buje offers plenty of alternatives! Thanks to Buje’s centuries-long association with Rome and Venice, there are numerous historical buildings in the town. From a cathedral and a palace to the remains of a castle and defence towers. Culture lovers will be in for a treat! A baroque-style church from the 16th century, built on the foundations of an old Roman temple, dominates the town’s central square.  After the Second World War, Buje developed into the economic and cultural centre of the region. Meanwhile, it has become a modern regional centre around the old town. Despite these developments, the old characteristics have been preserved so that you will find a combination of modern and authentic in the city.

Culinary journey through Buje

Istria means hospitality, natural beauty and wine. The region around Buje is known for its amazing wines and various types of olive oil. In the vicinity of the town, there are endless vineyards and fields full of olive trees. In one of the many wine cellars and restaurants, you can combine a good glass of wine with a home-made dried ham (called Prsut), truffles and cheese. Burgundian enjoyment!
Book a wine tour or a tasting of typical local dishes at one of the local organisations.

The weather in Buje

Istria has a maritime climate with many hours of sunshine, which makes it an ideal holiday destination. In general, it is a bit cooler here than in the southern Dalmatia, due to the different winds that bring refreshment from the sea. Rainfall makes the peninsula one of the greenest places in Croatia. From April to November, the temperatures are on average between 15 and 24 °C. In these months, it is ideal to visit the town of Buje.

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