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Holiday homes in Brušane

Holiday home in Bruscany.

Looking for a holiday home in Brušane? At Poolincluded we have chalet MonsAlbius which is located in the middle of nature. The chalet can accommodate 8 people and has an outdoor jacuzzi. Inside, the house is modern and has all the comforts you need! In the garden there is also a playground for the children. This beautiful house is located in the middle of Velebit nature park and in the vicinity of 3 other amazing national parks. It welcomes sports and nature lovers from all over the world and has a unique design that fits perfectly into the environment. Plenty of snow during the winter season, pleasant temperatures during the summer

Included in Brušane

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What to do in Brušane?

Brušane is a quiet place in the province of Lika-Senj. This region is situated next to the Velebit mountain range, which is part of the Dinaric Alps. This mountain range consists of karst and limestone, in which several caves have been eroded. This region is particularly popular among sports and nature lovers from all over the world. In the Velebit Mountains, there is a total of 57 km of hiking trails, and when you get to a high enough point, you have a beautiful view of all the islands in the Adriatic Sea. Along the trail you will also find several mountain huts and the trail is well signposted.

Before you set off, a visit to the visitor’s centre might be useful! This visitor centre is located in the small village of Krasno. Here you can get all kinds of information about the park and which attractions are located where. You can also pick up maps and walking routes here so that you can decide where to go in advance.

During your stay, a trip to the city of Zadar is also highly recommended! It’s not exactly around the corner and you’ll have to spend about an hour and a half in the car. But the city is definitely worth a visit. Zadar has a rich history and this can all be found in the city itself, for example, there are still several ruins to be seen in the city. There is also a museum where you can get more information about the history of the city. Apart from the history of the city, you can also walk through the cosy and narrow streets of the city, which lead to a large open square. Around the different squares there are restaurants and bars, where you can sit and have a bite to eat.

The weather in Brušane

Brušane has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer, the Velebit Mountains keep the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring, rain can fall regularly. In the winter, strong winds can occur, which can reach speeds of 180 km over the country.

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