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Holiday in Neorić

Luxury holiday home in Neorić

This spacious villa from Poolincluded, Neoric, is in the hinterland of Split. It has a heated private pool and a quiet location. Partly because of the quiet location, you can enjoy privacy and wonderful rest. Villa Neoric has a private area of about 15,000m2 and offers accommodation for up to 14 people. It consists of two floors and is equipped with all kinds of luxury: a gym, massage shower, sauna. The outdoor facilities include a Finnish sauna, private pool, and private tennis court.

Included in Neorić

For a stay in Neoric, Poolincluded is the place to be. Poolincluded stands for a high-quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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Poolincluded Tips

What to do in Neorić?

The village of Neoric is located about 12 kilometres from the town of Sinj. Sinj is located near the Cetina River, which is very attractive. The region has beautiful rivers, lakes, caves. A wonderful place to relax. The river is also called the pride of the Dalmatian inland, it is also the longest river (about 100 kilometres) that flows in Dalmatia. The river source is in Vrlika and flows into the sea in Omis. Poolincluded tip: raft on this river near Omis (about 1 hour drive from Sinj). You won’t find many modern restaurants in this region; they are mostly traditional taverns with traditional dishes. Around the river, a lot of trout is served. Among pilgrims, the city of Sinj is also known for being a religious destination. There is an altar, the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, which has been visited by religious followers for more than three centuries. The 15th of August is an important holiday in the city. There is also a UNESCO-protected event: Sinjska Alka (ring stabbing). Apart from this event, you can also go paragliding, horse riding, quad safaris or just enjoy a day cycling. Split is about a 45-minute drive from Sinj/ Neoric and can certainly be visited in a day.

The weather in Neorić

Because Neoric is located more inland from Croatia, it does not have a Mediterranean climate. Neoric has more of a continental climate. Summers are often dry and warm, but winters can be cold and wet. Climate information is no guarantee for what is to come. Always check the possible weather conditions within a certain period.


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