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Holiday Home in Šibenik-brodarica

A holiday home in Šibenik-brodarica.

Looking for a holiday home in Šibenik-brodarica? Look no further! At Poolincluded we have Villa Anny, this villa can accommodate up to 11 people and has almost everything! In the garden you have a private pool and a lounge area where you can relax during the day. In the villa itself there is also a sauna and for the sportsmen among us a small gym. For the children there is a playground outside where they can climb, slide and swing. In the garden there is also a large grill that you can use to light a fire and grill meat or fish! The beach is only 250 meters away, from the balcony on the first floor you have a beautiful view on the sea.

Included in Šibenik-brodarica

For a stay in Šibenik-brodarica you are at the right place at Poolincluded. Poolincluded stands for a qualitative offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in Šibenik-brodarica?

During your stay in a holiday home in Šibenik-brodarica you can go in many directions. The city of Šibenik itself is about 10 kilometres away. Brodarica is a bit more quiet and is located more at the coast. During your stay, a trip to Šibenik itself is definitely recommended! This large city has a lot to offer, so it is rich in history and you can visit for example the St. Michael’s Fortress which is situated higher on a mountain, because of this you have a beautiful view over the city but also over the sea. There are also different kinds of concerts given here, if you like this, it is a tip to keep an eye on it and to order your tickets online! You can do this on the official website, click here.

When you are on holiday in this region, a visit to national park KRKA is a must. This park is 110 km2 in total and has no less than 7 waterfalls. You can enter the park through different entrances but from Šibenik you can also take a boat tour into the park. You then leave from Šibenik and go with the boat into the park, via this website you can book several tours. Of course it is also possible to go into the park yourself, there are several hiking trails and everything is clearly marked. If you prefer a tour-guide, you can book a tour via this website, click here.

Croatia is known for its many different islands along the coast, a fun activity is to go on the water yourself. You can hire a boat, but beware! You need a boat licence 2 otherwise you are not allowed to rent a boat or to drive one. If you do not have this? Then you can also rent a boat with a captain or go on a cruise. During a cruise you go along different sights on the water and you often get something to eat during the day on the boat. With some cruises it is even possible to spot dolphins!

The weather in Šibenik-brodarica

Šibenik-brodarica has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer, the Velebit mountain range keeps the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring, rain may fall regularly. In the winter, strong winds can occur, which can reach speeds of 180 km over the country.

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