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Holiday Home in Šibenik

Holiday home in Šibenik.

Looking for a holiday home in Šibenik? At Poolincluded we have a wide selection of holiday homes. For example, we have holiday home Parma, this holiday home is situated in all tranquillity. You have a private pool and your own piece of beach, what more could you want? In the morning you can have breakfast outside and enjoy the beautiful view. Besides this holiday home, we also have the apartment Cvita, here you can stay with 6 persons. The apartment is newly built and has a modern interior and has an ideal location. It’s located at the edge of the centre, so you’re not even 100 meters away from the beach, but you’re also surrounded by several shops and restaurants.

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For a stay in Šibenik, Poolincluded is the place to be. Poolincluded stands for a qualitative offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in Šibenik?

Šibenik is located in the south of Croatia and is a real must-see! The city itself is not very well known among tourists yet, in Dubvrovnik you will be flooded by tourists who come to visit the city. This is not (yet) the case in Šibenik, but the city is rich in history and there is much to see. The city has several castles that you can visit, our favourite is the castle of St. Michael. There are also regular concerts of different artists, both local and international. Besides the various events that are held here, the castle itself is also worth visiting. You can visit the castle yourself and discover its history. When you are on top of the castle, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the islands in the Adriatic Sea.

During a holiday in Šibenik, a visit to the national park KRKA cannot be missed. This national park is 110km2 and has a total of 7 different waterfalls with a total height of 242 metres. The river Krka runs through the whole park and that is why the park got its name. From Šibenik itself there are daily boat trips to the national park during the summer. You have the possibility to join one of those tours, but it is also possible to drive there by car and enter the park that way.

From your cottage in Šibenik you can also make several day trips to surrounding cities. For example, you can go to Split, which is about an hour’s drive away. You could also choose to go to Trogir, which is located just before Split and is a 45-minute drive away. Trogir is on the UNESCO heritage list and is located on a small island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo. Trogir is not very big but this makes it extra special!

The weather in Šibenik

Šibenik has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer, the Velebit mountain range keeps the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring, rain can fall regularly. In the winter, strong winds can occur, which can reach speeds of 180 km over the country.

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