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Holiday in Vinjerac

Luxury holiday homes in Vinjerac.

Poolincluded has several holiday homes in Vinjerac, like Villa Coza. This luxury villa can accommodate 8 people and has four bedrooms, in the garden is a private pool where you can relax. In the back of the garden is a lounge area and a large BBQ with a small kitchenette next to it, where you can prepare your own delicious meals in the summer. Besides this villa, Poolincluded also has the luxurious Villa Ive, this villa offers space for 6 people. A spacious garden with private pool and covered terrace. There is also a large BBQ on which you can prepare your own meals.

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For a stay in Vinjerac, Poolincluded is the place to be. Poolincluded stands for a quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in Vinjerac?

Vinjerac is a small village situated on the coast, overlooking the Paklenica National Park, which is near Starigrad. It is a quiet village where you can relax. During your stay, you can enjoy the beach or your own private pool.

For an excursion you can choose to visit the old centre of Zadar, which is about 40 minutes by car. The old town of Zadar is full of history and you can discover the history of the region here. Besides the rich history in the old centre, you will also find nice shops. But in the city there are also several cosy squares with restaurants where you can have a drink and enjoy the Croatian cuisine.

During your stay in Vinjerac, you will have a view on the Paklenica National Park, which is highly recommended for the active ones. This nature park is full of different activities, there are several hiking trails and you can enjoy the beautiful views. There is also a drip cave in the nature park that you can visit. If you like to go higher, you can also climb freely in the park. You can explore the park on your own, but there are also several excursions available.

During your stay in this region, a visit to the national park Krka is a must. This park is 100km2 in total and has 7 waterfalls with a total height of 242 metres. The park is located near Šibenik and is about a 55-minute drive away. The Krka park is a popular tourist destination, in the summer it is also quite busy in the park. We recommend you to go to the park in time, because there is a maximum number of persons who can enter the park at the same time.

In the Zadar region, there are many different nature parks that are worth visiting, and you can also visit several towns. During your stay at Vinjerac, you will have plenty of opportunities to plan a day out. But relaxing in your holiday home by the side of your swimming pool is certainly not a punishment either!

The weather in Vinjerac

Vinjerac has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer the Velebit mountains keep the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring rain can fall regularly.

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