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Vacation in Zadar

Sun vacations in Croatia, Zadar

Zadar is a centrally located province in Croatia, the city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Croatia. The first traces of human life in the area of present-day Zadar date back to the late Stone Age. In 59 BC the city became part of the Roman Empire, during this period Zadar acquired the traditional characteristics of a Roman city. After the fall of the Roman Empire, this region was held by Italy, France, Hungary and Austria. Currently, Zadar is a historical center of Dalmatia and is the main political, cultural, commercial, industrial, educational and transportation center of the Zadar region. Because of its rich heritage, Zadar has been declared one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. The fortified city of Zadar is also included as part of the Venetian defenses on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Luxury holiday homes & apartments in Zadar.

Poolincluded offers a wide range of luxury vacation homes and apartments in Zadar. In the city of Zadar itself, for example, Villa Yespeace is located, this beautiful villa can accommodate 20 people. Here you can enjoy your own private pool and jacuzzi, the villa also has a traditional BBQ where you can grill on. Besides all these features, the location of Villa Yespeace is also ideal, less than 2km away is the old town. In addition to this centrally located villa in the city, within the region of Zadar you will also find the Pasman Island. Here you will come across Villa Little Sea House, for example, this villa is located in an oasis of calm and has a beautiful view of the sea.

Included in Zadar

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What to do in Zadar.

The old town is worth visiting. Here you will discover the historic history of the city. The old town is located on a peninsula and is an atmospheric city where you can spend a whole day walking around. The city is full of cozy restaurants and bars, you will find them on a square or in the narrow alleys. When you are in the old town, the sea organ is worth a visit, the waves of the sea make the sea organ make music. Also at the sea organ you have a large dance floor that works on solar energy, this is also called “Greeting to the sun”, by the waves at the sea organ there is a unique light show to see. A tip! Go here for the sunset, some people swear that here you can experience the most beautiful sunset in the world.

In front of Zadar there are several islands that are also worth visiting. For example the Kornati islands where you have beautiful beaches and clear blue water. In the city you have several boat cruises, here you go in one day along the various islands and you can enjoy the unspoiled nature. You can also rent a boat in the harbor and go on this trip, however, you need a license for this.

When you are on vacation in this region, a visit to the Plitvice lakes national park is definitely worthwhile. From Zadar it is a 2 hour drive, but if you prefer to go a little closer? Then you could also pay a visit to national park Krka, this is about 1 hour drive from Zadar. In both parks you will encounter beautiful nature and you will see many waterfalls. Here you can explore the entire park on footpaths and enjoy nature. The Plitvice lakes national park is a lot bigger than the Krka national park, so if you have any doubts, we would recommend going to the Plitvice lakes!

Culinary Tour through Zadar

Zadar is a port city and is known for their various seafood dishes such as; grilled fish, risotto with seafood, fish stew, different types of shrimp and mussels. On the island of Pag, the best cheese in all of Croatia is made, the Paški sir (Pag cheese). This cheese is made from sheep’s milk, the sheep walk on the island of Pag. What makes the cheese so special is because of the wind, a cool, strong dry wind from the south carries salt. This salt remains on the island and mixes with the grass, among other things. This makes the island of Pag white and salty. Because the sheep graze here, they get this salt back and this gives the cheese a unique flavor.

Weather in Zadar

Zadar has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. In summer, the Velebit Mountains keep the rain from falling. However, rain can fall regularly in autumn, winter and spring. In the winter there can also be strong winds, which can rage across the country at speeds of 180km.

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