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Poolincluded offers a wide range of luxury holiday homes and apartments in Benkovac. Our personal favorite is Hilltop Haven a luxury villa where you can completely unwind. The villa is located a little higher in the landscape, hence the name Hilltop Haven. With room for 8 people you can enjoy your private pool. Especially for the children there is a playground where they can entertain themselves for hours. When you go a little more towards the civilized world in Benkovac you will come across Villa Lana, this villa is equipped with all the luxuries. Cool off in your private pool and prepare meals on the BBQ in the outdoor kitchen. The perfect address to enjoy your well deserved vacation!

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For a stay in Benkovac, Poolincluded is the right place to be. Poolincluded stands for a quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream vacation come true.

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What to do in Benkovac.

Benkovac is located about 30 kilometers from Zadar. The town is named after the castle built in the 15th century by the princes Benkovic. This castle is located on a hill above the city and currently serves as a regional museum. A rich history can be found in the area around Benkovac, for example, to the west of the town the medieval settlement Utvrda Kličevica can be seen. This medieval building is one of the better preserved settlements in Dalmatia. For the more active, this is a fun excursion, around the settlement there are several forest trails that lead up to the fortress.

Benkovac is traditionally known for the various quality and world famous wines produced in the region. Therefore, a visit to these vineyards cannot be missed when you are in this region. During the summer there are also several culinary events taking place, for example there is an annual wine festival.

If you are in Benkovac, we recommend you visit the market, a market with a long tradition that is held every 10th of the month. This is not only a trading place, but also an attraction where you can learn more about the local cultural heritage and customs. For example, you can learn about the traditional trading methods for livestock.

The weather in Benkovac

Benkovac has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In summer, the Velebit Mountains keep the rain from falling. However, rain may fall regularly in autumn, winter and spring.

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