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Pag is a peninsula situated in the Zadar – Croatia region, the island borders the mainland in the south. On the island of Pag, we at Poolincluded have the holiday home Mabelle this modern furnished holiday home can accommodate up to 16 people and has two private pools which are illuminated in the evening. In total, the holiday home has 5 fully equipped flats. This house is ideal for a large group of friends or several families. The house is only 400 metres from the nearest beach, the centre of Pag is 500 metres away. The house has a convenient location and many amenities can be reached on foot.

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What to do in Pag?

Pag is a peninsula in Croatia, the island is connected to the Zadar region in the south. At the northern tip of the peninsula, you can also take a ferry to the island of Pag from the town of Prizna. The capital of the island is Pag town. This is an old and quiet town that was founded in the 15th century, and today it still has the same characteristics. It has an old centre with narrow streets and old churches. In the town, you can find many different restaurants where you can eat deliciously!

The island of Pag is known for its cheeses, and in the village of Kolan there is the cheese house Gligora. In this cheese house, the best cheeses of the island are made. This cheese is called Paski Sir and it has a special salty taste, which is caused by the sheep that graze on the island. The wind that blows over the island contains salt from the sea and this falls down on the island where the sheep graze. At the cheese house you will get a tour through the factory and they will tell you how the cheese is made, of course, during this tour you will also taste the cheese!

A nice excursion for when you are on the island is a visit to Lun, this village is located at the most northern point of the island. From Pag, it is about 45 minutes drive, here you will find the olive trees of Lun. In total, there are about 80,000 olive trees here, of which 1500 are already 1000 to 2000 years old. The olive trees have been turned into a tourist attraction where the local authorities use the proceeds to protect and maintain the park. From the olives, the best olive oil is made by Uljara Lun. You can also visit this company to see how the olive oil is made.

The weather in Pag

Pag has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer, the Velebit mountain range keeps the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring, rain can fall regularly. The highest average temperature in Pag is around 26 degrees.

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