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Holiday Home in Central Bohemia

A holiday home in Central Bohemia

Are you looking for a holiday home in Central Bohemia? At Poolincluded we have among others Villa Lány, this villa can accommodate 5 persons. This villa has a private swimming pool and a fenced garden where you can relax. The villa is located in a quiet area where there is plenty to do such as walking, cycling or climbing. We also have this spacious and luxurious villa in Vrchotovy. This villa is ideal for larger groups, because it can accommodate 14 people in total. Here you can enjoy all the peace and quiet, because this villa has no direct neighbours. Besides, the villa is modernly furnished inside and you can really enjoy all the luxury.

Included in Central Bohemia

For a stay in Central Bohemia, Poolincluded is the right place to be. Poolincluded stands for a high quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true. Besides Central Bohemia, we also have a wide range of holiday homes in the Czech Republic!

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What to do in Central Bohemia?

Central Bohemia is, as you might expect, in the centre of the Czech Republic with Prague in the centre. Prague is not part of the region of Central Bohemia, as Prague has its own region. The landscape of Central Bohemia is glowing and consists of beautiful nature, and you will also find a lot of agricultural land. In this region, you will also find many castles, because Prague was an important trading centre and there were many trading routes. Because Prague was such an important trading city, military castles were built along the trading routes to protect the roads and the people. During your stay in a holiday home in Central Bohemia you can undertake many activities, we have listed a few for you:

Karlštejn Castle

The most impressive castle in our opinion is Karlštejn Castle, which is also the best known castle in the Czech Republic and is visited by many tourists. The castle is made to house and guard the treasures of the Czech king and the Roman Emperor. The castle is situated higher on a mountain in the middle of nature, so it has a good overview and they could defend themselves well in the past. During your visit to the castle you will learn a lot about the rich history of this region and you will get to know how things were in the past. At the castle, there are several tours every day, which are also offered in English. You can book tickets online via the website, but you can also buy a ticket on the spot. Here on the website you will find more information about the castle.

Especially for children

There are also many fun activities to do in this region when you are on holiday with the family. We recommend the Mirakulum park! This is a fairy-tale paradise for children, in total there are 12 different play zones so you can do anything you like. If the weather is nice in the summer, you can also go here, because there is a whole play park in the shade between the trees. But there is also a play area where the kids can play in the water to cool down. The park is not only fun for children as there is also an area where you can drive a tank! More information about the park can be found on its website, click here to visit it.

The weather in Central Bohemia

In Central Bohemia you have a temperate continental climate. Because it is temperate you have, for example, warm summers but no extreme heat. The average temperature in the summer is 23 degrees. The winters are cold and the Czech Republic also has several ski resorts.

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