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Holiday home in East Bohemian

Luxury holiday homes in East Bohemian.

Are you looking for a holiday home in East Bohemian? At Poolinlcuded, we have several accommodations available that will make your holiday a success! For example, we have this modern villa, situated in a woody area. The villa can accommodate 11 people and you have all the privacy you need here! Besides this villa we also have Villa Cerna, this is a perfect destination if you like wellness! You have a private pool and jacuzzi outside and you also have your own sauna. In other words, you can completely relax and enjoy your holiday home. Villa Cerna has room for 12 people, so you can stay here with a larger group or several families.

Included in East Bohemian

For a stay in East Bohemian, Poolincluded is the place to be. Poolincluded stands for a high quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in the Giant Mountains?

The Giant Mountains are located in the northern part of the Czech Republic at the border with Poland. The mountain area is more than 40 km long and 20 km wide, which makes it the largest mountain range in the Czech Republic, hence the name. Or not… the name of the mountain range comes from a myth from the past. People used to believe that a giant called Krakonoš lived in the mountains, and the mountains are named after him. During your visit to the Krkonoše Mountains, you will also find Krakonoš on various souvenirs.

Activities in the Giant mountains

From your cottage in the Giant Mountains, you can undertake many activities. There are many walking paths through the Giant Mountains and there are also many cycling paths. A nice walking route is the one along the Elbe, where you follow the river Elbe that comes from the mountains and you will come across many waterfalls. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will be at the source of the Elbe.

It is also possible to climb the highest point of the Krkonoše Mountains, Sněžka, which is 1600 metres high. You can also go by cable car from Pec pod Snezkou, but the walk to the top is also recommended because you will see a lot of things on the way. Once you get to the top you will come across the Czech-Polish friendship route, this is a walking path on the ridge of the mountain and lies exactly on the border of both countries.

Beer trail

When you go hiking in the Giant Mountains, it is also possible to follow the beer trail. You will pass five different beer breweries and the trail is about 30 kilometres long. If you choose to follow this beer route, you can get a stamp card. At each brewery where you order half a litre of beer, you get a stamp, with a full stamp card you get a beer opener as a gift!

Place of interest

In the east of the Giant Mountains, you will find the tree crown path, which is a footbridge of 1511 metres long and a lookout tower of 45 metres high. The path is also instructive for children, because along the way you will encounter information panels about the flora and fauna. But besides this information, there are also playgrounds and it is a nice day out.

The weather in the Krkonoše Mountains

The climate in the Krkonoše Mountains depends on the altitude. Down in the valley, you have a temperate climate. Therefore, you will have warm summers but no extreme heat. But when you go further into the mountains, it becomes cooler and there is more of a continental climate. In the winter, the peaks are covered with snow and you can even ski there.

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