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Holiday Home in South Moravia

Holiday Home in South Moravia

Are you looking for a holiday home in South Moravia? At Poolincluded we have the luxurious Villa Ladna, this villa can accommodate 5 people and is newly built. There is also a swimming pool at the villa where you can take a refreshing dive in the summer to cool down. At Poolincluded we have more holiday homes throughout the Czech Republic.

Included in South Moravia

For a stay in South Moravia, Poolincluded is the right place to be. Poolincluded stands for a high quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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Poolincluded Tips

What to do in South Moravia?

What can you do during your stay in a cottage in Southern Moravia? You can undertake many activities in Southern Moravia, especially cycling and walking is very popular in this region. If you are holidaying in this region, a visit to the city of Brno is highly recommended! There is a lot to do in Brno, so the city itself is a nice trip. The city is full of cosy squares and narrow streets where you can find all kinds of shops. In Brno you also have a zoo which is a nice trip, especially if you go on holiday with the children.

A day at the amusement park

In the south of Moravia you have the Permonium amusement park, this amusement park is fun for both parents and children! In the amusement park there are different attractions such as a climbing and clambering park where you can follow different courses. There are also several mazes where you can see how well you can navigate, this is based on how they used to work in the mines. On the website of the amusement park you can find more information about everything you can do there, click here for more information.

Cooling down in the summer

In the summer months it can get pretty hot and it is nice to be able to cool down. Aqualand Moravia is a water park in southern Moravia where you can cool down and the children can enjoy themselves all day. At the water park, there are almost 20 different slides or attractions where you can play in the water, do you dare to go down the Kamikadze slide? This is a slide for real daredevils. Or would you rather take a leisurely trip down the Sky Drive, a slide where you can see a light show in the slide in all sorts of different colours? In addition, there are many wellness facilities at the water park where you can relax and pamper yourself with a massage, for example.

Nature in Southern Moravia

During your holiday in Southern Moravia, you can go in many directions and enjoy the nature. Our tip is the Podyjí nature park, which is not very big but definitely worth a visit. The Dyje (Thaya) River runs through the entire park. You can cycle and walk through the whole park, there are poles that clearly indicate where you have to go to follow the routes. In the time of the iron curtain, the park was forbidden territory, because of this there have been no people for many years. As a result, nature could take its free course and this is certainly reflected in the landscape!

The weather in Southern Moravia

Southern Moravia has a temperate continental climate. Because it is temperate, you have, for example, warm summers but no extreme heat. The average temperature in the summer is 23 degrees. The winters are cold and the Czech Republic also has several ski resorts.

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