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Holiday home in Croatia

A holiday home in Croatia,

Welcome to Croatia, the country with 6000 km of coastline and 300 islands! Croatia is on the Adriatic Sea, with Slovenia to the north and Montenegro to the south, and across the Adriatic Sea is Italy. With 4 million inhabitants and Zagreb as its capital, Croatia is best known for its beautiful coastline, warm climate and rich culture. The most famous tourist areas are: Istria en Dalmatia. We would like to share all our experiences with you, which we gained during our visits to all holiday homes and the nice meetings with the homeowners.

Luxury holiday homes & apartments in Croatia.

In Croatia we have a great selection of holiday homes & apartments with private pool. At Poolincluded, most of the holiday homes are detached villas with a private swimming pool. We pay a lot of attention to the location, special facilities or extra luxury: do you want an unobstructed view (of the sea), within walking distance of the village, or do you prefer a jacuzzi or a real spa with sauna? We are happy to help you, we know all the holiday homes personally!

Take now Pool included Holiday home Barba: new detached house, with private heatable pool, enclosed grounds with olive grove, large veranda, large garden grill and children's playground. And that less than a 5-minute walk from the bakery, grocery, restaurant and the village pub!

Included in Croatia

Poolincluded is the right place for a stay in Croatia. Poolincluded stands for a high-quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in Croatia?

Holidaying in Croatia is mainly about enjoying the good life. The mix of a pleasant climate, the local food and drink and the relaxed way of life is the ideal recipe for your stay. Croatia has an ancient culture with influences from the Romans, from Italy, the Ottomans and of course their roots from the Balkans. That makes Croatia very diverse and surprising.

Culinary journey through Croatia

Coffee time

Croatians consider good food and drink to be the most important moments of the day. It starts with the first cup of coffee in the morning. You often see Croatians on a terrace with a cup of espresso or cappuccino. Quality and taking time for each other is a must. The correct preparation, the fine taste and the right presentation, everything is right about a cup of coffee. So: go to a local coffee bar and order your coffee to your liking. Add a (sweet) bun or brioche and your day can't go wrong.

Lunchtime, take your time.

The next important time of the day is lunch. Not a quick sandwich, but a fresh hot meal, fish or meat, hand in hand with a glass of local wine. Take your time. A nice long lunch is a daily luxury in Croatia. This feast is repeated in the evening with a 'light meal', often also with cold dishes, fresh bread and olive oil. An ice cream cone, do it! Croatia has a long and rich history when it comes to ice cream. Endless flavors and freshly made!

Fine meal: always. 

The service in the restaurants and on a terrace is always friendly and professional. 'Waiting' is another profession here. Always ask about the local specialties or what's on offer outside the menu. Fresh fish, meat specialties, fresh pasta, fresh bread with olive oil. Lets eat!

The weather in Croatia

The Mediterranean climate guarantees a warm summer, which starts early in April and ensures pleasant holiday weather well into October. A holiday home with a private swimming pool is therefore a godsend! Take a refreshing dip in the morning and then drink a cup of tea or coffee on your terrace. During the day to cool off, because in high summer the temperature sometimes rises to 30-35'C. The summer evenings are long and warm, great for dining or visiting a town for a long time.

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