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Holiday home in the Czech Republic

Holiday home in the Czech Republic

How about a holiday home in the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic is a beautiful country as a holiday destination, the country has a lot to offer! This way you can enjoy the beautiful nature throughout the country and in the north you have it Bohemian Paradise. In addition, the Czech Republic also has a lot of cities with a rich history, a visit to Karlsbad is highly recommended! During a holiday in the Czech Republic you don't have to be bored because there is plenty to do!

Luxury holiday homes & apartments in the Czech Republic

At Poolincluded we have a wide range of holiday homes in the Czech Republic. For example, we have Chalet Peha, this chalet is located in the region Liberec. Chalet Peha is a detached house and has a swimming pool in the garden, in total you can go there with 4 people. The chalet has a traditional decor and actually makes you feel like you're going back in time! Besides the many traditional and typical Czech destinations, we also have a number of luxury villas! That's how we got this one Luxury Villa in Vrchotovy Janovice, which is located in the Bohemian Paradise. The villa is surrounded by nature and is suitable for 14 people.

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What to do in the Czech Republic?

During your holiday in the Czech Republic you have many opportunities to undertake fun activities! So it is highly recommended to visit the capital Prague! Prague has a compact center so that all sights are within walking distance. In the old town of Prague you will come across a lot of sights such as the Jewish quarter, Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock.

Did you know that Pilsner (pilsner) was first brewed in Pilsen, Czech Republic? The beer that we often drink in the Netherlands was therefore first brewed in the Czech Republic. There are many different breweries in the Czech Republic, most of which you can also visit to see how the lager is made!

There are also many possibilities for the active ones among us! This way you can enjoy the beautiful nature. In our opinion, the Bohemian Paradise takes the crown here, the official name of this area is Český Ráj. The nature park is known for the many rock pillars that you encounter, these were created by centuries of erosion. The golden path runs through the park, this path is 119 kilometers long in total and consists of several shorter hiking trails. This way you don't have to cover the entire 119-kilometer hiking trail, which makes a difference! The shorter trails are about 20 kilometers long, which is a lot easier to do.

You can also get on a bike, the Czech Republic is a beautiful cycling country with a varied landscape. You can cycle along the many rivers, you have hilly regions and there are also several wine regions that you can cycle along. So while cycling you will encounter a lot of beautiful nature.

Culinary journey through the Czech Republic

The food and drink in the Czech Republic is often a combination of German, Austrian and Hungarian cuisine. You will therefore quickly come across a schnitzel or goulash on the menus. The portions are often large and in the Czech Republic they are real meat lovers, in addition to these dishes, half a liter of lager is often served. This is also logical because, as we have already mentioned, pilsner originated in the Czech Republic.

The weather in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a temperate continental climate. Because it is temperate, you have warm summers, for example, but no extreme heat. In the summer in the capital Prague, for example, the average temperature is 23 degrees. The winters are cold and you also have several ski areas in the Czech Republic.

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