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Vacation in Germany

Sun holiday in Germany

Germany is a very versatile country and has a lot to offer. The beautiful landscape and unspoiled nature are perfect for both long and short breaks. The hills, the moors, beautiful valleys and rugged mountains are ideal for various walking and cycling holidays. In the south of Germany, in Bavaria, is one of the most photographed sights to admire; Neuschwanstein Castle. In the great and atmospheric cities, such as Hamburg, Düsseldorf and of course Berlin, the ancient culture can still be tasted. For example, view the last remains of the Berlin Wall or visit the memorial monument. In the city of Cologne you will find the largest cathedral in Germany and you can enjoy the 'Gothic' architectural style. Germany is even known for its great wines, so Germany is the right place for a wine holiday.

Luxury holiday homes & apartments in Germany

In Bavaria, in the south of Germany, Poolincluded also rents out its holiday homes. Near Traunstein is the popular town of Inzell, where you can relax in the Chalet Bergblick. Chalet Bergblick has 3 bedrooms, each with a double bed. In one bedroom there is an extra bunk bed. There are 2 bathrooms and it can accommodate up to 8 people. The tasteful and fully equipped accommodation has an area of ​​approximately 128 m² and offers a beautiful view of the mountains. For a cozy end to the day, there is the sauna or the private swimming pool. The pool is not heated and cannot be used in winter. Depending on the weather, the pool is usable from May 1st to October 31st. Located close to the previous chalet Chalet Alpenblick, this chalet offers accommodation for up to 6 people. The chalet has 3 different bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You can also enjoy wellness, a sauna and a swimming pool here! The same rules apply here for the swimming pool (depending on the weather, the swimming pool is usable from May 1st to October 31st).

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What to do in Germany?

There is plenty to do in Germany. It is the land where fairy tales seem to come to life, a land full of cities steeped in romance and history. Experience the contrast between beautiful lakes, colorful meadows and steep mountain peaks.

You may not immediately think of white beaches, azure blue seas and great cliffs when you think of Germany. Yet you will find it there, namely on Rügen. Rügen is Germany's largest island. This pearl in the Baltic Sea is surrounded by 60 kilometers of sandy beaches. The most beautiful area of ​​this island can be found in the nature park; Jasmund. From an ancient beech forest you can enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea. Enjoy the play of colors that can be seen on the white chalk cliffs, as this can change due to the position of the sun.

In southern Germany you will find the sunniest Alpine region of the country: Bad Hindelang. Vast green meadows and valleys with picturesque villages. In the background the mighty mountains and the sound of tinkling cowbells. Popular in winter for winter sports enthusiasts, but - partly due to the 300 kilometers of signposted hiking trails - a wonderful place to enjoy the unspoilt German nature all year round. Partly due to the pristine nature and the clean air, this region is also known as 'Heilklitischer Kurort', a natural nature resort with healing powers!

Cologne is home to one of the largest cathedrals in all of Europe, Cologne Cathedral. When construction of this project was completed in 1880, it was even the tallest building in the world! The tower rises like giants above the city at 157 meters. Do you want to visit this cathedral and enjoy a beautiful view? Then you can first walk up 509 steps. Be sure to check out the Sankt-Petersglocke, one of the largest clocks in the world.

Looking for more beautiful buildings to photograph, for example? Then take a look at Neuschwanstein Castle, this castle has been Walt Disney's great source of inspiration for his own castle in the amusement park. This castle was commissioned by King Louis II, who was also a fan of fairy tales! This castle stands on a rock of 925 meters and is almost on the Austrian border. This beautiful lock is really photo worthy!

Culinary journey through Germany

In fact, Germany nowadays has an inexhaustible amount of gastronomic highlights: from delicious regional specialties to star restaurants and then also delicious wines. Germany has about three hundred star and gourmet restaurants. In addition, you will find typical German restaurants everywhere that creatively turn traditional dishes into original culinary dishes. The special cultural landscapes of the German regions are closely linked to the culinary specialities. Think of the vine-covered slopes above the romantic river valleys of the Moselle and the Rhine, the species-rich meadow landscapes of Schleswig-Holstein that produce excellent meat and the most diverse types of cheese, and the meadows with fruit trees on the hills of the German low mountain range. Germany scores high both in terms of the diversity of the restaurants, but also in terms of the spread. Excellent restaurants can be found in all parts of the country: in metropolitan areas, smaller towns and in the countryside.

The weather in Germany

Germany has a temperate maritime climate. This means that the country has relatively mild winters and, in some places, summers do not have extreme temperatures. In the east and in the south of the country, the climate is somewhat more continental than the rest of Germany, so summers can be hot and dry. In addition, you can have to deal with precipitation all year round. The various mountain and hilly areas can provide considerable variation in the weather. Climate information offers no guarantee of what is to come. Always check the possible weather conditions within a certain period.

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