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Holiday Homes in Austria

Sun holidays in Austria,

Going on holiday to Austria in the summer is highly recommended! You can do many activities in Austria in the summer. While Austria is popular for winter sports in winter, in summer it is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. You can go out and discover nature, in the summer you can follow various hiking trails and come across beautiful waterfalls created by the melting snow on the mountain tops. You can also go canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, rafting and there are several climbing parks in the trees. In short, there is no need to get bored when visiting Austria. In addition to the many different activities available in Austria, it is also recommended to just go into a city and walk around, where you can sit on a terrace and enjoy the Austrian cuisine.

Luxury holiday homes & apartments in Austria

In Austria we have a wide range of different holiday homes and apartments. We have chalet Hauser Kaibling, this luxury chalet is suitable for 10 persons and has its own private swimming pool on the balcony. With a spacious living room where you can gather all together, this chalet is ideal for larger groups. Besides this luxury chalet, Poolincluded also has the newly built Carpe Sole Rauris, this is a newly built holiday complex at the foot of the slopes. The complex has an extensive wellness where you can relax. During the day you can go out and explore nature.

Included in Austria

For a stay in Austria, Poolincluded is the right choice. Poolincluded stands for a high-quality offer, optimal service, personal attention, personal advice, transparent booking conditions and making a dream holiday come true.

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What to do in Austria?

When you go to Austria in the summer, a visit to Salzburg is highly recommended. The city itself looks beautiful and is rich in history. Near the city is the Fortress of Salzburg, this castle is built on a tactical location, namely on a hill, which gives you a view of the entire city. In the castle itself there is a museum that you can visit which is highly recommended, besides that you can also enjoy the beautiful view over the city from the castle. There are several tickets for sale when you visit the castle, it is also possible to get a tour. In the summer months it can be busy at the castle, then it might be wise to buy your tickets online.

Depending on where you go, in Austria you have many different hiking trails and mountain bike trails. Where you often take the lift in the winter to go skiing, you can also take the lift in the summer months to go hiking or mountain biking down. In addition, in several places in Austria you have toboggan runs or a ‘bergroller’. A bergroller is a kind of scooter with extra thick wheels that you can use to go down the mountain. In Biberwier you can do both activities and enjoy nature, on this page you will find more information about it.

If you are staying near Zell am See, a visit to this town is also highly recommended. The name says it all, Zell am See is located near the Zeller See, a mountain lake where you can enjoy various activities during the summer months. In the surroundings of Zell am See, you can follow hiking trails and enjoy phenomenal views of the mountains and the lake that lies between the mountains. If you would like to relax after all these activities, a visit to the Tauern Spa is highly recommended. On the website of the spa you can buy different tickets, check the website here.

Culinary journey through Austria

Austria has a number of different typical dishes that come to mind when you think of Austria. You will find them in the restaurants during your winter sports trip or in the summer. If you have never been to Austria, they are definitely worth a try! Our personal favourite is ‘kaiserschamarrn’ which is a pancake prepared as you would prepare scrambled eggs. It is often served with apple sauce or redcurrants and some icing sugar. Besides this sweet dish, you can also have ‘apfelstrudel’ which is a snack that you should definitely order next to a cup of coffee or tea! It is a kind of puff pastry filled with apples, sultanas and bread crumbs and is sometimes served with vanilla sauce.

Enough of the delicious sweet dishes that you can get in Austria, because for dinner in Austria you are also at the right place! Here you can enjoy ‘Käsespätzle’ which is a traditional dish and is a kind of pasta covered with cheese and onions. Besides your Käsespätzle, a wiener schnitzel is also a typical dish that you will come across in Austria. In short, you do not have to worry about the food during your holidays in Austria.

The weather in Austria

Austria has a continental climate, which means that it can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. In the summer months, it can reach 35 degrees! But often the average temperature in Austria is around 23-24 degrees, which makes it a very pleasant holiday destination. For the latest news, we advise you to keep an eye on the weather report.

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