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Alicante is located on the Costa Blanca in Spain and is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and extensive nature parks. A real pearl on the Costa Blanca with surprising beaches and sheltered bays. From the coast you have a view over the enchanting sea, you can experience the real summer holiday feeling. Besides visiting the wonderful beaches, you can also indulge in the culture of Alicante.

Are you looking for activities during your holiday in Alicante, Spain? As a holiday destination you have come to the right place for both rest and activities. The province of Alicante has a lot to offer, here are our top 5 activities we recommend you to do during your stay.

Day trip to Valencia

If you are staying in a holiday home in Alicante, a day trip to the famous city of Valencia should certainly not be missed. It is a surprisingly nice city with a relaxing atmosphere. It is not as big and touristy as Rome or Paris, for example, but definitely worth a visit. The diversity of the city makes Valencia so special. A mixture of culture, green, beach and the best places to shop or eat.

Valencia is a city founded in the year 138 before Christ under the name “Valentina Edatanorum”. Over the years, Valencia has grown into the city it is today. The 15th century plays an important role in this. This is seen as the golden time of Valencia, the period in which the city grew in both the economic and cultural aspects. In this year, a large number of palaces and churches were built, which we can still visit today. So be sure to visit the city center when you spend a day or weekend in Valencia.

Stay for example in Villa Montana, situated in the town of Oliva at the Costa Blanca. This luxury holiday home for 6 people has breathtaking views over the valley and has a covered lounge area and private pool.

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Are you an adventurer and looking for a sporty outing during your stay in Alicante? Then perhaps kayaking on the Mediterranean Sea is for you. Sitting in a narrow boat, alone or in pairs, is becoming increasingly popular during holidays.

You can kayak on the beautifully clear Mediterranean Sea and experience real kayaking challenges. If you prefer a more leisurely tour, you can go on a river and intensely enjoy the scenery that the Spanish countryside has to offer. The great thing about a tour is that while kayaking, the local guide will give you information about the area. After the tour you can relax on the beach, or you can enjoy a snack and a drink in one of the many restaurants that Alicante offers.

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Visit the Algar waterfalls

Are you crazy about Spanish nature and culture? Then a visit to the Algar falls is an absolute must-see! A lovely place to cool down during the hot summer days. The waterfall runs cascading along the rocks and forms a beautiful natural pool where you can spend a day and take an occasional dip in the cold water. Besides the beautiful natural phenomenon, you can also enjoy the Mediterranean fauna and flora around the falls. A truly relaxing environment!

You can visit the Algar waterfalls on your own or take a fully organized tour. It is an investment of your time, as the tour takes a total of 6 hours. In these 6 hours you will pass all the sights and get the full waterfall experience! You will pass the famous Algar Falls, a cozy mountain village and have the opportunity to visit many museums, shops and cafes during the tour. So, it will be an interesting and enjoyable day out!

The village “Algar” is also called “the white village” and is a real must-see during your holiday. The village is located 20km north of Benidorm and is easily accessible from all directions.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara

A visit to the famous castle ‘Castillo de Santa Bárbara’ is literally the highlight during your stay in a holiday home in Alicante. The sportier among us can try their hand at climbing, whereby you can choose between various challenging walking routes. The most attractive way to visit the castle of Santa Bárbara is from the starting point on the beach. You walk through the old town following the signposts “Parque de la Ereta” to the top.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara is originally a 9th century castle in Alicante. Until 1962 the castle was used as a prison (can you still see some of this?) and far beyond that the castle was used for various military purposes. The castle is named after a Christian saint called “Santa Nicomedia”. Nowadays the castle can be visited by the public and this is definitely worth it! With a height of more than 160 meters, it is not only a beautiful sight from the ground, but also from the castle you have a great view over the city of Alicante.

After a visit to the castle, you can choose to walk back via the path over the wall of the castle. The descent is an experience in itself because the wall meanders and you continuously have amazing views.

Beach tour

Are you ready for a day of rest after all the nature and culture or do you not need much during your holiday for a wonderful stay? Then Alicante is the right place for you; beach lovers will be in their element! Along the Costa Blanca coast there are many different beaches that are worth visiting. The coast of the province of Alicante is known for its beautiful beaches. For example, Playa de la Granadella in Javea has been named the best beach in Spain two years in a row. Besides this beautiful beach, there are many more beautiful beaches with clear water. Can you imagine yourself lying on a beach bed with a cocktail in your hand and taking a dip now and then to cool off?

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