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car holiday

Car holiday 2022

At Poolincluded we have a wide range of holiday homes throughout Europe! We always like to go on holiday by car, which is why our destinations are also easy to reach! Now some destinations are a bit far to drive to in one go, such as Croatia. But the holiday actually starts when you drive down the street at home. In addition, it is not at all necessary to drive there in one go, a stopover Austria of Germany is definitely recommended! Here you can choose to spend the night and continue the next day.

Advantages of a car holiday

When you choose to go on holiday by car, you have complete freedom. With the car you are free in terms of times, luggage and you determine the route, schedule and pace yourself! At Poolincluded we have flexible arrival days, so you can travel outside the crowds.

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Pool included tips

Before departure

We always recommend that you check your car if everything is still in order before you start the car holiday!

  • Check if the oil is still up to the mark
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check if you have safety vests for everyone
  • Check your route before departure
  • Bring cash or a credit card so you can easily pay tolls

Not quite sure if your car is ready for the summer holidays? You can also always make an appointment at the garage to check whether everything is in order for a long car journey.

For on the road

Depending on your destination, you are often on the road for a while. We therefore recommend that you take something to eat and drink with you, for example. As a result, you can often drive smoothly and you do not have to stop unnecessarily at a gas station. In addition, it is often also a lot cheaper!

Once you have crossed the border, you will usually no longer receive Dutch radio stations. So prepare your playlist before departure! Nowadays many cars do have bluetooth and you can easily set up music from your mobile.

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