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Can you remember the times you went on holiday without a mobile phone? Or back in the days when mobile phone didn’t even exist? Chances are you won’t remember this at all. The Digital Detox during your holiday means that you temporarily do not use your phone, tablet and/or laptop. We also include smartwatches in this category. Why Digital Detox? Because people’s daily lives are becoming more and more stressful and its use seems to have become an addiction for many users. Especially now that you can use your internet bundle within Europe, without extra costs, it is very tempting to conjure up your mobile phone again. 

Nowadays a mobile phone is indispensable. We use the phone while on vacation to find our way around, share photos with friends, keep a travel blog and listen to music. We need the phone almost non-stop, just think about showing the COVID QR-code on your phone.

And yet going completely offline isn’t all that bad. Various health studies have shown that always being available is not good for your emotional and mental health. For example, overuse can lead to burnout or other psychological complaints. Despite the fact that we often know this, it remains difficult not to answer that one incoming Whatsapp message right away, to quickly look up something or to check your work e-mail. In order to convince you, we have listed the benefits of a Digital Detox for you below.

Benefits of the Digital Detox during vacation:

  • You have more time available for other things; take for example an extra dive in the swimming pool
  • Room for profound conversations with your partner or family
  • Meeting new people; ask a local resident for directions
  • Play a board game together with your family
  • You can relax easier if you remove the digital incentives and this is what you want to achieve on holiday

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Digital Detox Relax

Did we manage to convince you of the Digital Detox during vacation, but do you have no clue where to start? We can well imagine that! A number of tips will help you on your way to making it easier to start the Digital Detox.

1. Turn off your notifications

During your holiday you will probably be notified in different ways about an incoming e-mail, Whatsapp message, new series on Netflix or the number of steps you still have to take. Before you go on holiday, turn off all these notifications in addition to the sound. Bye notifications and hello relaxing holiday!

2. Stop with Social Media

Okay, we can imagine that this point is a bit of a shock. You may want to share beautiful pictures with your family and friends during your holiday. However, according to the Brain Research Review research, it appears that the use of Social Media is addictive because it releases dopamine. You need more and more of this to keep feeling good. To completely relax, you do not want to experience this during your holiday. Therefore, delete the apps during your holiday and share the photos again when you are home.

3. Send an automatic message in Whatsapp

Are you often interrupted on your work phone during your holiday? Install Whatsapp for Business! You can have an automatic message returned when someone sends you a message. This message can be adjusted in the way you want so people know via Whatsapp that you are currently unavailable. This actually works the same as your Out of Office message in Outlook. In this way you don’t have to think about replying to Whatsapp messages every time!

4. Buy an ‘old-fashioned’ travel guide

During your holiday you often quickly look up the best restaurants via Tripadvisor or when you want to know how to say “Good evening” in the language of the country. To prevent this, it is best to buy a travel guide about your holiday destination. You can easily look up all things in a travel guide, such as the Lonely Planet. While enjoying a delicious cappuccino, browse through the travel guide and look for the best highlights for that day without using your mobile phone.

The result? It will feel as if you have experienced your holiday more intensively and that you have been fully present, not only physically but also mentally. You will find that you have been able to stare at the pool for hours without all kinds of thoughts in your head. Full of inspiration and ideas for activities you want to do more at home, you return from your destination. Charged and ready for a fresh start!

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