Home owner event in Žminj

30 September 2022 | Žminj

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Welcome at Book247.online

You and the Event

Why should you visit our local Homeowner Event in Žminj?

Very simple:

We love to work with private local homeowners and professional vacation rental companies. In our company it is about you. We listen to you.

We love direct and personal contact. We put you on top of our list.

Feel free to visit our Event in Žminj, tell us what is important for you. We offer you a way of cooperation where you are 100% oké.


Come in and surprise yourself!

On 30.09.2022 from 16:00 we will explain ourselves in Žminj and invite you for a clear presentation. We have enough time to discuss your wishes and see if we speak the same language. Next to a short program with interesting trends, figures and insights

We are curious about how you see the Rental business. How we can support you and bring more guests during the year. We have concrete and long term solutions for you!

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    On 30.08 from 16:00 you are very welcome to come in at {address} and meet our team. We organize this Event in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Žminj


    On 30.08 from 16:00 you are very welcome to come in at {address} and meet our team. We organize this Event in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Žminj

    4 good reasons to be here

    Our local representative Goran Zgrabljic will open the Event and give you 4 good reasons why you are at the right spot.

    Trends, Learnings & More

    Our Sales Manager Mark Helderman will show you some interesting Trends, Figures & Insights. Information which will help you to get more guests over the year.

    A showcase: Stronger together

    One of our homeowners will tell you in person how they experience the cooperation and what they expect.

    Questions & Suggestions

    While enjoying a local drink and snack we are interested in your opinions, your questions and suggestions.


    If you have any questions, you can ask us at the event in Žminj. Simply register for the event to receive the invitation with all the information.

    The event is on 30.9 from 16:00
    Čakavska kuća bb
    52341 Žminj
    Tel: 00385 95 9038938
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    How are the prices for my holiday home determined?

    Sales prices are determined in consultation with your personal contact at Book247. The contact person is familiar with holiday home rental in the country, the region and the location of the holiday home. The prices will be determined based on this location, number of persons, type of holiday home and other additional aspects. The prices are always determined and fixed in consultation with the home owner.

    When will I receive my rental income?

    The full rental amount will be paid 3 weeks before the guest’s arrival. In the case of last-minute bookings, payment will be made within 24 hours.

    What does damage insurance entail?

    All our guests are obliged to take out damage insurance when booking a holiday home. This insurance covers the guest for damage in the holiday home to a maximum amount of €2,500 with an excess of €100.

    How can I view the bookings I have made?

    Once your personal contact at Book247 has presented your holiday home online, you will be provided with login details for ‘My online rental environment’. In this online environment, you can view all bookings made, process your own bookings, view revenues and other smart features.

    What do you do in terms of marketing?

    Our Marketing Department uses various marketing channels to promote the holiday homes. Search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and many other means are used to bring the holiday homes to the attention of the target group.

    We are here to help

    Team of experts

    Register your holiday home with us without obligation and rent out your holiday home carefree. One of our rental experts will contact you to discuss the cooperation. Together we will look at the possibilities to optimise the rental process! Curious about who we are? Take a look at the “About us” page.