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A road trip through Croatia is definitely a must and we recommend you to take the northern and southern part of Dalmatia; the province of Zadar and Split. We have found the most beautiful stops that you absolutely should not miss in your road trip plan.

Road trips are becoming increasingly popular. You get a good impression of the country you’re driving through, you can stop at different sights along the way and you’re as free as a bird! When you think of a road trip you probably think of camping spot for a tent, but it can also be a bit more luxurious! Plan your road trip through a country or region and stay in a holiday home with swimming pool. In this way you combine adventure with relaxation! Sounds like a dream holiday, right?

Region Zadar

  • Zadar city

Zadar is a centrally located province in Croatia and the city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the country. The first traces of human life in the area of present-day, date back to the late Stone Age. Because of its rich heritage, Zadar has been declared one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. The fortified city of Zadar is also included as part of the Venetian defenses on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What to do in the city

In the old town you will discover the history of the city. It is located on a peninsula and is an atmospheric city where you can spend an entire day walking around. The city is full of cozy restaurants and bars, you will find them on the square or in the narrow alleys. When you’re in the old town the sea organ is worth a visit; the waves of the sea make the sea organ play music. A tip; go at night to see sunset, you can experience the most beautiful sunset ever! A must see on your road trip through Croatia.

Activities outside the city

In addition to visiting the old town there is much more to see, taste and smell in the surrounding areas. In front of Zadar there are several islands, which are absolutely worth visiting. For example, visit the Kornati islands where you’ll find beautiful beaches and clear blue water. In the city you can choose between several boat cruises, where you go in one day along the various islands and you can enjoy the unspoiled nature. You can also rent a boat in the harbor but make sure you need a license for this.

  • Jasenice

Jasenice is a region located in the north-east of Zadar and is a must see on your road trip through Croatia. If you travel to the city of Zadar by car you will pass it. Jasenice is located on the Novigrad sea, this is an inland sea that runs up to Gornji Karin. The sea is about 11 km long and 5 km wide. On the Novigrad you will find the Maslenica bridge. This bridge was destroyed during the Croatian war of independence in 1995. In 2005 the bridge was rebuilt and now functions again as an important connection.

What to do in the region

For true nature lovers and hikers, a visit to the Paklenica Nature Park is a must. The entrance to the park is in Starigrad. There is a footpath of about 8 km which offers numerous fantastic views of the mountains. In this natural park you will find stalactite caves that can be visited and are definitely worth a visit. If you want to visit the Paklenica park we recommend you to take your hiking boots and explore this beautiful area on foot.

Where to stay in the region

What makes the selection of holiday homes in the Jasenice region so special is all holiday homes have a beautiful view on the sea. Villa Maslenica is the number one choice. This modern villa with private pool is located directly by the sea with a fenced garden of 1000m2. On the second place is the beautiful Holiday home Ivona. This holiday home is situated a little higher and has an amazing sea view. On your own terrace along the edge of the pool, you can enjoy the daily beautiful view!

  • Vsri

Vrsi is a small resort on a peninsula near the city of Zadar. This small fishing village is popular among tourists who want to enjoy the peace and quiet. A local tip for those who visit Vrsi and want to taste the local specialties, the restaurant “Smokvica” is highly recommended. Vrsi has a Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. In the summer the Velebit mountains keep the rain out. However, in autumn, winter and spring rain can fall regularly.

What to do in the city

A visit to the peninsula of Pag is highly recommended. The island is known for its sheep cheese. The wind that blows over the island comes from the sea and contains salt, which is deposited on the island by wind. The sheep graze on the island and eat the salt. This makes the cheeses made from the sheep’s milk extra salty which results in the unique flavor. The cheese factory is located in the village of Kolan where you get to see the entire process of how these unique cheeses are made.

Where to stay in the region

Poolincluded offers a wide range of luxury holiday homes in Vrsi. We have the spacious Villa Elite, this villa can accommodate up to 26 people. The villa is located in a quiet area so you have complete privacy. Behind the villa is a private pool surrounded by sun beds. In the same region we also have Villa Almond. This is a newly built villa which can accommodate 8 people and has a private pool.

Region Split

  • Split city

Located in southwestern Croatia is the Split-Dalmatia region. The main city is Split. Split is also called the “white city” and has more than 200,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in Croatia. The city has a beautiful old center with a lively boulevard. The cozy feeling within the old town is characterized by the many squares and narrow streets. When you walk down the main street you will be enchanted by the beautiful marble stones.

Culinary highlight

Are you in Split and would you like to taste typical local food? Try the Dalmatian Pašticada, which is a dish with simmering meat. In addition, focaccia and roast sausages called ‘luganige’ are also a well-known delicacy in the Split-Dalmatia region. Wine lover? Then definitely visit the island of Hvar. Taste one of the top wines such as: Plančić, Vugava and the rather special Smutica wine which is a wine mixed with goat or sheep milk.

Where to stay in the region

For those who don’t mind walking, climbing the Marjan Hill is a fun activity. In addition, there are plenty of nice villages/towns to visit in the area. A well-known village is Primošten. Primošten is a peninsula situated in the sea and is about 60 km from Split. The highest point of the Adriatic, the mountain Vidova gora, is located on the island Brač. On this mountain you have a great view and you can also see the island of Hvar. An absolute must see on your road trip through Croatia.

  • Trogir city

About 25 km from Split is the Dalmatian gem of Trogir located. Trogir is a popular holiday destination and this is for several reasons. It is a city with a rich history, beautiful center and romantic streets. Partly because of its rich history, the city is also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Trogir has two attractive beaches: Pantan and Medena and together with the beautiful bays that can be found on the Ciovo peninsula. Around Trogir there are plenty of places to snorkel, but jet skiing and water skiing are also a possibility.

What to do in the city

In the evening you can enjoy the many restaurants and taverns in Trogir city. There are many traditional Mediterranean dishes and delicious wines to taste. After the evening meal you can dive into the nightlife; everything is possible for a pleasant evening out in the town. From mid-June to mid-August there is also a summer music festival where all kinds of concerts are held, from pop to folk. Going out on the peninsula of Ciovo is definitely an option!

Where to stay in the region

Near Trogir is the private beach house Home Village, it consists of 4 different accommodations. Home Village is situated on a great location and you are just a few steps away from the Adriatic Sea. It is located on the peninsula Ciovo, 3 km from the center of Trogir. In the garden you can enjoy your own outdoor Jacuzzi, the barbecue facilities and sun loungers. The swimming pool is shared and is located at the nearby hotel. Home Village offers accommodation for up to 12 people, making it ideal for groups of friends and families.

Poolincluded offers a wide range of holiday homes across Croatia. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about a holiday home or for when you would like help finding your perfect holiday home.
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