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Would you like to go on holiday with your pet? But are you not sure what to prepare before you can take your pet with you? We have put together 4 important tips so you can take your pet on that dream holiday without any worries. We understand that a holiday can only really begin when everyone in the family comes along, including your pet. 

These tips will help you to be well prepared for your holiday with your pet! 

Tip 1: A good preparation is half the battle

Is this your first holiday with your dog or have you holidayed with your pet before? A good preparation is half the battle. Make sure you have everything with you that is important for your pet. This way, you can make his/her holiday as pleasant as possible. Make sure you have at least the following with you: animal passport, leash, favourite toy, pet carrier, favourite treats, medication, drinking bowl and food. This way you can be sure that you don’t forget anything important. And if you really need something, you can get it at your holiday destination.

Before you book your holiday, make sure you have a good look at the surroundings of the accommodation and what the rules are. It could be that the country you are visiting has certain requirements for your pet, such as vaccinations and whether the type of pet or breed you are bringing is allowed.

Tip 2: Think about the area before you go on holiday

As a second tip, we recommend that you take a good look at the surroundings before selecting a holiday destination. After all, it is also your pet’s holiday, so make sure you choose a place where your pet can enjoy itself. A large garden, a woody area, in the middle of the mountains or close to the beach.

If you do not yet know where you want to go, take a look at search & book on our website. One of our favourite holiday homes in Croatia is Poolincluded Stancija Cabrunici. This beautiful villa with private pool and jacuzzi has a large garden of about 10,000m2. Here both you and your pet can enjoy. In addition, you will find in the vicinity The “National Park Brijuni” and on a small 10km distance you are already on the beach!

Tip 3: On holiday with the car or by plane 

Travelling by car:

Travelling by car is much more pleasant for your pet than travelling by plane. You decide when you stop and how often. Your pet is in familiar surroundings and hears familiar voices. But beware! Some pets can suffer from car sickness and stress. You can get car sickness medicine from your vet, and for stress there are some sedatives. The best thing is to get your pet used to driving, his crate, and make sure you keep making noise, so he hears familiar voices.  Let your pet out of the car regularly for a sanitary stop and to stretch his legs.

Travelling by plane 

Travelling by plane is often more stressful for your pet than travelling by car. The most important thing is to know if your pet is fit to fly. You can go to your vet to have this checked, so you can go on holiday with peace of mind. To combat stress, it is actually the same as with the car, let your pet get used to the bench and make sure it has a familiar basket or toy.

After travelling a long way with your pet, you are ready for some relaxation. In Poolincluded beachfront you can enjoy your jacuzzi and swimming pool. Best of all, you are only 30 metres from the beach. Perfect for you and your pet.

Tip 4: Have your pet vaccinated and/or chipped

Perhaps the most important of all. All pets must be vaccinated against rabies.  Besides being compulsory, it is also a safe idea that your pet is healthy. You can have your dog vaccinated by your family doctor. In addition to vaccinating your pet, it is mandatory that it is microchipped. Some ”older” pets have a tattoo, which is only valid if you can prove that it was done before 3 July 2011 and it must still be legible. But make sure your pet is always identifiable. See the website of the government for more information.

Would you like to enjoy your dream holiday with your pet in 2022 but have not been able to find your dream home yet? Have a look at our complete offer of pet-friendly holiday homes and discover what else we can offer you. Can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? One of our travel experts will be happy to help you find a suitable holiday home without any obligation. Get in touch with us via the contact page.