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At Poolincluded, we have a unique range of holiday homes. From waterfront holiday homes to the most luxurious holiday homes you can think of. We have listed our unique offer for you.

1. Holiday homes at the water

The choice between a swimming pool or the sea is always a difficult one. Fortunately, with us you don’t have to choose. Thanks to our unique range of waterfront holiday homes, you can use both the sea and your private swimming pool. How cool is that! Curious what we have put together for you? Click here.

2. Holiday homes in the nature

Are you a true nature lover and do you love tranquillity and an oasis of greenery? That’s good, because at Poolincluded we do everything to make your dream holiday a reality. We have listed some of our unique holiday homes in the nature for you.

3. Holiday homes with pure luxury

Are you someone who loves luxury and likes to have all amenities at his disposal? We have a unique offer of holiday homes with luxury. We have put together a number of luxury holiday homes for you.

Have you not found your dream holiday yet? Check out our unique range of holiday homes here. We will gladly help you find your dream holiday. Take a look at our unique holiday homes.